Street Math Investigations (SMI-NY) is a program where children engage in the wider world of mathematics through playing games, solving puzzles and interacting with thoughtful stories. Founded upon the premise that all children are wired with the curiosity and intellect to reason mathematically, SMI-NY challenges children to think about mathematics in ways that transcend the ordinary in order to spur their imagination. What are the different meanings of infinity? Is it possible for a ring to have no "inside" or "outside?" What kinds of numbers can we find between numbers???

Our classes often begin with a game which serves as a springboard to discuss ideas like numbers, patterns and properties of shapes. As their insight blossoms, we challenge our students to explain ideas and delve into the playful world of "what if?" While our activities are mathematically rigorous, we always maintain an atmosphere that is friendly and relaxed. We want our students to feel free to express their ideas, to suggest their own approaches, and, most important of all, feel safe to make mistakes. We always work in a spirit of friendship, cooperation, and enjoyment of one another.